Massimo Dutti

Leading the technical team of Massimo DuttiE-commerce frontend.

From a team of 3 in 2018 to20 developers. I've gained a lot of soft skills and quality assurance.

Main tasks

  • Coordinate the teams.
  • Develop performance features.
  • Lead the Server Side Rendering project.
  • check and validate the quality of PRs.
  • Coordinate with other areas the new projects.
  • Establish metrics to ensure the quality
  • Security Champion role
  • Set and review the development workflows.
  • Prepare candidate Interviews, formations (videotutorials and live) and welcomes.
  • Implement the Spotify model organisation in the team.


  • Angular (main),
  • NgRx,
  • Redux patterns,
  • Jest,
  • cypress
  • NodeJS + Angular SSR
  • Redis
  • Figma for UX designs