About me

Since I was a kid, I loved building things. Thanks to code, I can easily bring my projects to production. However, my years of experience have clearly shown me that complex projects require a good architecture adapted to the latest technologies and a committed, trained and motivated team. I am one of those engineers who love to program and do not want to stop doing it.
I describe myself as a problem solver, looking for challenges and improvements in order to grow and learn daily.

Me encanta la tecnología y a veces exploro otras variantes


I organized 3 of them when I was in the university. We enjoyed at all!

  • 2007: 160 players
  • 2008: 600 players
  • 2009: 500 players

During this period we also organize smaller activities such as Freak cinema or video game tournaments.

Hardware && Domotics

I have been playing with Arduino and Raspberry for a while. I have built some domotics projects at home.

At the university, about 2008 I gave a talk about arduino and the different sensors that existed. Later, in 2012, I domotized my own house with arduino. In 2023 it still works as well as it did 10 years ago.


Marc Benito dooing a drone session

Plane pilot

Marc Benito with an ULM